I've always enjoyed cooking, and have been told I'm a pretty good
cook. I especially like it when people's face light up when they have
tasted something I've prepared. I've made my salsa for about 15 years
for friends and family. I never wanted to turn my hobby into work, but
decided maybe I needed to make a buck on it. I got busy getting FDA
certified and registering recipes and I decided to make some spicy
dill pickles to throw in the mix.

Well, now the "Spicy Dill Pickles" are my number one seller, so I made
some X-Hot as well. The "Spicy Dill" are not hot, they just wake up
your mouth and tickle your tongue....hence "Tickle Me Pickles".

I've always dreamed I'd retire to Mexico and push my salsa up and down
the beaches in a wheelbarrow with some home-made tortilla chips. Until
I get to Mexico, I'm making salsa in mild, medium, hot and atomic. My
salsa is very fresh and very chunky, or so they tell me.

I've spent the last 2 years building my certified kitchen out in Troy, so from mine to yours, ENJOY!!
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